Many homeowners will specifically only look to hire locally.

Hiring Local Contractors

This may not always be the best course of action. Smaller companies are often able to offer the lowest prices, but price alone should not be your only driving factor in choosing your contractor. If you are focusing mainly on budget, you should carefully go through estimates. A commonality of extremely low bids are lack of necessary materials costs and required permits. A small company can still do a great job, you just need to make sure you are hiring someone reputable.

A local contractor can usually handle small projects. If you are considering a large renovation project, it usually is better to hire a general contractor. If your project requires more than three different contractors it is wise to hire a general contractor to oversee the different projects. If you are eliminating or adding any walls that affect the structural integrity of your home, you should consider hiring an architect or a structural engineer. At Canvass Your Home, we make sure all of our contractors are background checked and carry a one million dollar insurance policy to make sure you are best protected.



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