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How to Sign Up

Signing up is quick, and simple. Go to our Contractor Sign up page:

Contractors Sign Up

Add your information to the sign-up form. You will be able to add a logo for your company after you have been accepted, and have received an email from us letting you know.

Then, after completing this page you can mark with a check all of the services that you offer, and that you wish to be found for on CanvasYourHome,com when a Homeowner submits their project.

At the bottom of this page – click the SAVE button. And this completes your sign-up. You will receive an email notifying you that you have signed up. Then within a few days, will send you another email, if you have been accepted, letting you know that you can access the website and begin connecting with Homeowners who have projects that match your business services, and offerings.


Scheduling a meeting with a Customer

When you are a match with a Homeowner, they will receive an instant email with your information, and they can view your page, to learn more about your company, or they can call or email you right away.

You also have the option of looking through your My Matched Homeowners and contacting them through the information they provided when they submitted their project.

You can also send them a Scheduling Note very quickly – directly from the system. When you send it, you can give them up to 3 easy to enter days and times, and they will receive the email instantly.

Editing your Account and Business Info

You can edit and update your Account and your Business Information at any time.

To edit your Account that includes your contact information and your company as it appears in the website click the button that says: Account Info

This takes you to a screen that looks like the first screen you filled out when you first  JOINED the website:

Adding a Logo to Your Page

After you have been accepted (you will receive an email letting you know), you can sign in and go to your Account Info screen to add a Logo for your company. Logos are best when they are 600 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall but you can upload smaller logos and also have logo files that are up to 600 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall.

Be sure to preview your page after adding a logo, by clicking the View My Page button, on your main Welcome Page:



Setting up a First Meeting

Setting up your first meeting can either be done by calling or emailing the Homeowner, or you can use our convenient Meeting Scheduler. It will send an official email from the website to the Homeowner with the selected Time and Date options you choose, and an additional note if you enter one.

Following Up with Your Customer

Good Customer Service is Important!

To that end, we have tried to make it easy for you, to help our Homeowners on this website.

We hope that you will quickly answer any emails and calls from your Matched Homeowners, and it is important to follow up with them, so you can meet in person to go over their project and answer any questions they may have.

On the My Matched Homeowners section of your main projects page, you will see a link where you can mark off if you have contacted the Homeowner yet. Once this is clicked it records the time and day for you so you can see that you have done this already.

And you can also use the Meeting Scheduler for contacting the Homeowner, and sending that message from our system.




How to Notify if there is a Problem

If you are having any problems, or need help with something on our website, please call us at:


You can also use our Contact Form:

Contact Us

You can also get help by live-chatting with us by using the Chat Box in the lower Right Hand Corner of this screen. If we are Online and available you will see this:

If we are not available current by chat, you will see this, but you can leave us a message, and as soon as we are back we will try to contact you to help you.

Option to leave us a note:

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