Canvas Your Home Staff

Here at Canvas Your Home, we have a dedicated staff that is working everyday to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible service from the area’s top contractors. Our experience in this industry spans over twenty years. In that time, we have heard countless horror stories from homeowners after their chosen contractor had promised one thing, but unfortunately delivered another. We have see first hand the poor business practices that are all too common in this industry. We have heard the cries of wronged consumers time and time again, and we decided to say enough is enough.

Our staff is comprised of the people that have worked in all areas of the home improvement industry. We have done everything in the way of marketing for companies by going door to door, working home shows, and even local festivals. We have interacted with a majority of our area’s top contractors this way. We have employees who have installed the products and been to manufacturing plants where they are made. We have been on the sales end of the table as well, but we are also ordinary people who live and buy in these areas. We understand both the business and the consumer mindset. We are proud to have found what think is a great arrangement for the contractors and our clients alike.

Our staff has takes the responsibility of our recommendations very seriously. Never again will you need to check accreditations that were falsely put on fliers or feel the need to question whether someone really has insurance. Never again will your project fall to pieces before your eyes. We know what to look for and where to find it. When we are researching our service providers, we take a look at several key factors before they are approved on our site. We have strict policies to guarantee that our recommended providers are always top-notch. You can confidently say that you did your due diligence when choosing a contractor, you just don’t have to mention that we actually did it for you.