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Why not a Handyman?

Handymen are great! We truly believe this here at Canvas Your Home. Then why don’t we offer their services on the site? This may seem a little contradictory, but we do have our reasons. We know that your privacy and peace of mind are the most important...

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Is it ever okay to leave in popcorn ceiling?

We’ll get to a few more points on the subject, but right off the bat it needs to be addressed that popcorn ceiling applied up through the 1980’s may very well have asbestos fibers in it. Asbestos isn’t, and has never been, dangerous in an undisturbed...

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When is the best time of the year for remodeling?

There are a few different perspectives you can take when scheduling your next home improvement project. The best rule of thumb is to start planning your project at least a season in advance of when you’d like it complete. Most major home renovations take...

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What to know about replacing your septic tank

More than 60 million people in the United States use septic systems. Septic systems effectively treat and dispose of household wastewaters produced in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry. These systems are made to maintain water treatment for long periods...

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What does each project specialist do?

Architect An architect is one of the most well known type of specialists out there, but people rarely know what exactly they do. Architects are involved in every phase of construction, from planning to the final product. The design and engineering phase...

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What are the different types of warranties?

What is a warranty? All homeowners should receive a warranty with any purchase, although the fine details of these can be very confusing. A warranty is a written guarantee that is issued to the purchaser, promising to repair or replace a product if...

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Siding 101

Siding is a bear of a task. It’s essentially the skin on the face of your house. It’s also your home’s first line of defense against weather and pests and the most immediately notable aesthetic factor in exterior design. Careful consideration should be...

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Should I replace my windows?

Whether it’s keeping the frigid winter outside or pleasant air-conditioning inside, a properly installed window can be the first line of defense in weatherizing your home.  Modern window glass is tempered, layered, and has gas injected between layers....

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Should I DIY or hire someone?

Should I DIY or hire someone? We’re all guilty of thinking “Why pay someone when I can do it myself?” Yes, there are some projects that can be done over a few weekends at home. Of course, there are many more that can turn into a huge hassle pretty quickly....

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Roofing 101

Do I need to replace my roof? A tree fell on your roof, that mysterious black stuff (it’s mildew, ew) is spreading, you’ve noticed a new leak spot growing on your ceiling, your attic is constantly hot and humid, there’s a sunken in section you can’t ignore...

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Renovations for Pet Owners

When you take a pet into your home you are inviting them into your family. Like any other member of your household, they have their own needs. Human houses aren’t always designed with those needs in mind though. Pets can’t express their anxiety about their...

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It hides out of sight, it can make you sick, and the smell never fully goes away. It’s unpleasant and it’s easier to keep it out of sight and out of mind than address it, but it’s time to talk about mold. First, the part that we can talk about without...

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How to lower home insurance premiums

Home insurance may be one of the factors you consider least in your total finances. Even so, every year when that renewal package comes you’ll just sign it and pay it without even reading what you’re signing or knowing what you’re paying for....

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