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How remodeling can save energy bills

With the rising cost of energy, efficiency in your home is more important than ever. A one time investment in increased efficiency can pay back all the cost and then some over time. And if the savings isn’t appealing enough, there are also feel-good...

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How long should a project take?

Home Renovation A full on home renovation can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months. Kitchen On average, after the planning and design phases are complete, a total kitchen remodel takes about four to six weeks. This could be shorter if your project is less...

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How long our staff has been in the industry

Here at Canvas Your Home, we have a dedicated staff that is working everyday to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible service from the area’s top contractors. Our experience in this industry spans over twenty years. In that time, we have heard...

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How to set an accurate budget

The first order of business when planning any renovation is setting a budget. A budget can be a tricky thing to understand, but staying within a budget is much easier when you plan accordingly. You need a firm grasp on your income, a set amount for bills and expenses, and your savings goals.

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Differences between us and our competitors

Canvas Your Home is the first of its kind. This company was founded on the principle of protecting your interests. There are several other competitors that offer similar services, but with us, there are considerable differences we think you’ll love. From...

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Beware of BBB, yelp, and other review sites

How important are reviews? We live in a technology driven society where 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. Review websites are becoming the standard for consumer choices, though it is becoming more and more apparent that these...

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Benefits of hiring a professional painter

What’s the job that links interior and exterior home design? Paint. Paint is the last step in any job that requires it and that means paint will always be associated with a nervous excitement to finish and an anticipation of that last great sigh of relief...

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How much renovation can you afford?

There are several things that you are going to need to consider when figuring out how much renovation you can afford. You’re going to need to take a personal inventory of your budget. There are a few ways to pay for home renovations that can...

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How to Hire

Where to start Is your roof leaking? Are your windows drafty? Maybe they are or maybe you really aren’t sure. So what's next? This is where most homeowners get stumped and push things back until they become a real problem. We’re here to give you a step by...

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Don’t purposely only hire local contractors

Many homeowners will specifically only look to hire locally. This may not always be the best course of action. Smaller companies are often able to offer the lowest prices, but price alone should not be your only driving factor in choosing your contractor....

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