What does each project specialist do?


An architect is one of the most well known type of specialists out there, but people rarely know what exactly they do. Architects are involved in every phase of construction, from planning to the final product. The design and engineering phase are usually done in a consultation that will outline the objectives and budget of a project. Some architects will help with selecting a site or even more advanced services such as environmental impact studies. An architect will also supervise and manage the construction process by dealing with contractors or other professionals.


A builder generally will coordinate the different types of construction involved with building a structure. An architect will usually assist the builder with the design of the structure and blueprints. Builders will assist with the building process and oversee and manage the project. This includes handling any subcontractors needed as well. A builder will ensure that your project is done to industry and government standards.


Structural engineers work one on one with architects and consultants. When you do a large remodel or make structural changes like increasing square footage it will require the help of an engineer. They will identify any future problems that your contractor might run into to avoid future delays.

Home Inspectors

A home inspector is necessary before you buy a home to identify any problems with all aspects of your home. A home inspector is also a great idea before you start any major renovations. Without the help of a home inspector, you could end up with major delays when an unexpected problem arises. This will also help you budget more accurately.

Land Surveyor

A land surveyor is responsible for measuring land through the use of specialty equipment. They will measure a plot of land with no clear boundaries to give a home builder the exact land boundaries before construction begins. A land surveyor will also determine the condition of the land before building to identify any defects. A building permit will usually require getting the land surveyed. Before building any fences or additions, undergoing any demolitions, or closing on a property you will need to employ a land surveyor.


Most homeowners will use an appraiser to determine your home’s fair market value. They will thoroughly evaluate the exterior, interior, and all systems. You will need an appraisal when applying for a mortgage, refinancing, or any type of loan that involves the value of your home. The appraiser will also determine the home’s property taxes annually, which can be helpful if your home has depreciated.

Interior Decorator

The help of an interior decorator can tremendously improve your home’s function and beauty. Decorators work with “soft” accessories like textiles, such as fabrics and rugs, as well as furniture, lighting, flooring, and wall coverings. Decorators will employ the use of colors and their compliments to tie different rooms and themes of your home together.

Interior Designer

An interior designer is much different than a decorator. A designer will work with architects and engineers to determine the best use of a space. Designers will order materials and oversee installation and maintenance. A designer handles blueprints, building codes, electrical capacity, as well as safety and universal acceptability standards. An interior designer will make sure a space is functional, enhances the quality of life of residents, and creates a beautiful living space.


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