When is the best time of the year for remodeling?

There are a few different perspectives you can take when scheduling your next home improvement project. The best rule of thumb is to start planning your project at least a season in advance of when you’d like it complete. Most major home renovations take considerable time from start to finish, and there is no telling what you might run into as far as unforeseen complications. It might even just end up taking longer to pick out your materials than you would have thought, so give yourself plenty of time!  

Spring & Summer

Homeowners and contractors alike prefer to remodel in spring and summer, due to the longer days and more forgiving weather. This means that the demand for contractors is at an all time high, and right along with that comes high prices. Contractors’ schedules fill up quickly as well, which can lead to back ups and delays with materials. Although the spring and summer might be appealing, most remodeling projects can be done all year round.

Spring and summer remodels are also popular with homeowners that try to avoid intrusion on their day-to-day, and can usually be scheduled while you’re on vacation. What could be better than coming home to a brand new addition? Sounds great! But before you pack your bags and go, make sure that you will not be needed on the job site for any reason, because what could be worse than having your vacation interrupted because they need you on the homefront?

Fall & Winter

Due to supply and demand, the best deals are generally found in winter. With the tremendous amount of work contractors do in warmer months, it usually leaves them with wide open winter schedules. Around the holidays, homeowners can take advantage of promotional deals on products, as well as a contractor’s down time and possible discounts on labor.

Although counterintuitive, most exterior projects are easier for contractors to do in the winter. Frozen ground can allow for better digging conditions, lower humidity levels for structures to settle properly, or stains to dry. Do not forget that the earlier in the year your project is complete, the more time you have to enjoy it! (P.S. A winter vacation can be a great getaway for your family that can double as ample remodeling time!)

So what should I do?

The absolute worst time of year for remodeling is before you’re ready! Some homeowners end up needing to do projects without the proper planning. If you wait until the last minute with something like your roof, you could end up paying a much higher price for having it replaced in an emergency. If you take the time to plan your project out accordingly, you may be able to save yourself a lot of money and a lot of headache. There are usually warning signs that projects are approaching, so use caution and start planning your project ahead of time!


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