Why not a Handyman?

Handymen are great! We truly believe this here at Canvas Your Home. Then why don’t we offer their services on the site? This may seem a little contradictory, but we do have our reasons. We know that your privacy and peace of mind are the most important thing to you, so we devised a set of rules and regulations that all service providers are required to uphold. This can be seen in our Service Provider Agreement. This requires that all providers must be licensed in our state and carry a hefty insurance policy. These stipulations take most neighborhood handymen out of the running.

Handymen are not held to any national standard or regulation when it comes to licensure. This means that there would be no way for us to maintain our strict guidelines when offering a handyman’s service. We do not feel as though it would be fair to homeowners to offer services we are not able to verify. In addition, most handyman services usually charge clients by the hour, so there is usually no need for a consultation or estimate.

We recognize that handymen are a huge help with small projects like hanging fixtures or shelves; though more involved projects like plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work must be done carefully and to code by a professional. If you were to have work done by someone who is not specifically licensed in the trade, you run a high risk of future issues. This can even affect your homeowner’s insurance policy or complicate selling your home tremendously. For these reasons, at this time we do not offer any handyman services. Keep checking back for possible future changes!


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